You Should Drink This

While it is a well-known fact that our bodies are made up of eighty percent water and twenty percent other, not everybody drinks water all day and instead will consume other liquid substances to both quench our thirsts and to make our bodies healthy. What we are going to be taking a good look at today is this, what are the five best all natural drinks that will both keep our body healthy and to keep our body functioning properly. The good thing about this upcoming list is that whether you are a bodybuilder or just the average gym visitor, these all natural drinks can do wonders for you.

#1: Lemon Water

Lemon water does a lot of great things for your body, but the two most important are that it helps with digestion and it will support natural detoxification within your body by assisting your bowels with getting rid of waste in a more efficient manner. Lemon water also gives your body a healthy boost of Vitamin C and it helps your body kill off bad bacteria as well.

#2: Herbal Tea

This one is kind of a broad statement because there is a wide variety of herbs that one can put in tea, but one of the bets benefits of doing so is that it will help a person cut down on caffeine intake. In case you are not at all familiar with all natural herbs, they do such great things for a person’s body like antibacterial effects, antiviral effects, strengthening your immune system, boosting your energy and it helps calm a person’s mood as well.

#3: Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is rich in probiotics, but it helps a person out by aiding in digestion, fighting the overgrowth of candida, keep bloating at a minimum, improve moods and help with mental clarity. When drinking this simply amazing substance, you can also add turmeric or ginger for added health benefits.

#4: Green Juice

A cold cup of green juice has some amazing benefits like loading your body with easily absorbed nutrients that the cells in your body truly needs. The best mixture, according to the most recent of studies, is to add three to four vegetables per piece of fruit, which is the best mixture to avoid sugar rushes.

#5: Coconut Water

The last drink on our list is also one of the best because coconut water is the best natural form of drink for rehydrating your body. The great thing about coconut water at its purest form is that it has no artificial additives or even sweeteners, plus it is very low in naturally occurring sugars.

So, there you have it folks, whether you are on the quest for perfect health or you are just starting this terrific journey, you now have a great starting list of five truly healthy drinks that can benefits your body long term, so put away the soda and chocolate milk for these amazing healthy alternatives that will benefit you for a long time to come.